Monday, March 14, 2016

Blog Fourteen: Thinking

 The parts that most interest me in The Giver was when Jonas had an idea of escaping so that he can spread all the memories to his community. And how The Giver said that he's not going with Jonas to elsewhere.

In my independent book (I Hunt Killers), the most interesting part was when Jazz (main character, a child of a serial killer) told G Williams (chief of the detectives) straight to his face that he (Jazz) is going to figure out  the crime (there was someone died and jazz want to figure it out) but G. Williams won't let her me but jazz won't quit to figure it out.

The part that most bothers me in The Giver was at the end where Jonas just calapsed from music or it may just have been an echo.

The part that most bothered me in my independent book (I Hunt Killers) was in the begining, when Jazz was hiding from all the cops in the crime scene, he was crawling away from the crime scene and hiding.

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